The last time I had shot in the water was Christmas Eve last year. It has been four months of cyclones, rain, swell, dirty water with glimpses of hope in between.

I was gifted a solo beach morning from the wife (she was two tired after her first back-to-back surfs) and so I took both sets of gear.

It could have not been more perfect for me to get back in the water this morning.

Water was warm. Waves were gentle. Swell was 1-2ft and people were happy. I have missed these moments.

That being said, early into the sessions I did notice thrashing in the water about 10 meters away from me. My mind is at attention at the best of times, but concluded it was time to back out of the water when seeing a glimpse of a fin coming in my direction. I got to shore and notice s spray come off the back of the shadow-creature and m fears subsided.

It’s just a dolphin.

The next 30-40 mins I had a great time, as the dolphin played and ate around 5-10 meters from me at times. Another magical moment this morning.

Shooting in the water has its challenges. My positioning in the water was all over the place. The winter sun sits more central at this local beach, making it difficult to get the shots I wanted. So, it was nice to dust off the underwater housing and have some fun.

Then depression sets in as you see 4 friends in the car park you would love to shoot, but work awaits.