Hi, my name is Brad and welcome to my digital portfolio.
I work exclusively with sports teams, associations and clubs as a graphic designer, photographer and videographer.

I specialise in:
Social media engagement | infographics | branding | print | event and game day promotion | web banners | corporate engagement | sponsorship decks and powerpoint presentations | Posters, stickers, memorabilia and other merchandise | templates | Art work | Stationary | clothing, apparel and uniforms.

New Blogs!

The 4 elements every design needs

When I get asked for feedback on an artists piece I generally look at it through specific filters. Art has so many dimensions and so many theoretical ways to be viewed and dissected. Truth is I like to simplify it into 4 easy to understand and apply elements. Balance...

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How to achieve constant creativity.

Are you looking for a golden ticket to ultimate creativity? A stream of never ending ideas, concepts and ideas to use that will help create a constant flow of art for your followers. Sounds like a dream. To be fair, it is. Inspiration and creativity is one of the...

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Become a competitive Artist.

Sports. Competition. Winning. If you are a sports designer you most likely love playing and winning, or at least watching your favourite team winning. I LOVE watching my Brisbane Broncos team win and I get real angry when they lose. I LOVE winning games of ultimate...

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